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hey just random thought is there a faberry fic on lesbian bed death..lol

Lol I don’t think so. I looked around for the hell of it. Only fic I saw ended up being PLL

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For all Lea all the time.

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Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and thank you for all the fic recs and for being so awesome. I hope you have a good day you lovely human being. :)

Aw thank you so so so so much that means a lot to me!! I love you have a great day!♥♥



this video was a ride from start to finish

This officially the best video i have ever seen

Dianna Agron filming her latest movie ‘Headlock’

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i honestly love getting messages from you guys so much it makes my day even if you’re just saying hi or something it’s nice to know you’re acknowledging my existence 

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First work with my new tablet! x 

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quinn: rachel love me pls

quinn: rachel pls

quinn: rachel I made you prom queen

quinn: remember when sue wanted to take our yearbook page

quinn: well I got it back

quinn: for you

quinn: rachel look I got you these train tickets so we can visit each other

quinn: I only said we were ‘kind of’ friends because I want to be more than friends with you

quinn: rachel

quinn: pls

quinn: hello darkness my old friend





Let’s discuss how this angle was removed completely.

What this makes me think about is how in early cuts of A League of Their Own, there were a lot more scenes between Dottie and Tom Hanks’ character. There were moments and looks. Sure, there are those too in the final cut, but in the original there were more. There was even a kiss.

They cut that stuff out because test audiences couldn’t understand why Dottie would choose her dumb husband over this other guy she had such great chemistry with. So they had to cut back, to keep the audiences from feeling pissed and ripped off.

That is what this angle makes me think about. 

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 #no but really this angle #is like #you can see EXACTLY how far apart #you can see JUST HOW LONG they watch each other’s mouths #this is one of the gayest shots of all time #still keeping my tags because accurate #stare a little harder at her mouth anna #oh wait that’s literally not possible #ugh you two i fucking swear #it’s like how in the riff off brittany wasn’t supposed to say the ”we out” but she COULD. NOT. HELP. HERSELF. #it’s like that but for an entire movie

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Because everyone needs waving Cosima on their dashboard.

Second waving Cosima of the day, but I have zero regrets.

Lea on the “Sons of Anarchy” set

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Lea arrives on the “Sons of Anarchy” set [July 28]

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your profile picture for your ff gives me life, lol.

Ahaha thank you so much. It is my life in a picture

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Lea arrives on the “Sons of Anarchy” set [July 28]

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Lea on the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ set (x)

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